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In this age mobile phones are the most popular and accessible digital device that connects people with the world. This gears up the reach of SMS to every second person, thus providing a fast and effective way of delivering information. Today Pakistan is a fast-expanding business and corporate market where the importance of sending and receiving text messages is vital for brand advertising, business advertising, product launches, customer services, and sales promotion.

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Texting or SMS -- is a fast, relatively low-cost way to connect with customers, employees, vendors and carriers. SMS Marketing could become a small-business owner's most invaluable communication tool. SMS Marketing lets businesses get customers involved in interactive activities such as surveys, games and contests. Businesses use the technology to send customers and potential buyers instant product updates and alerts, news feeds and blogs.

bulk sms

Branded SMS Marketing

Branded SMS Marketing is one of the best ways to reach the potential customers as they are recognized by the company/ brand name which ensures legitimacy of the SMS as people trust the company name.

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Short Code

PTA Short Code

Short Code is generally 4-digit code starting with 8xxx/9xxx approved by PTA, mainly used for Lead Generation, Customer’s Feedback and Complain Management Systems.

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API is used to integrate SMS services with other Servers or Databases in order to automatically send SMS.

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Proof makes increasing conversions simple

Web SMS assures reliability whereas unlimited and faster SMS throughput makes it more suitable for busineses
Scheduled SMS

Scheduled SMS

You can schedule SMS for a particular date on specific time.

smsportal auto-duplicate-remove

Auto Duplicate Remove

It can automatically remove the duplicate numbers in the uploaded file.

personalized sms

Personalised SMS

You can send dynamic and personalized SMS to any concern person.

smsportal Campign devlivery

Compaign Delivery Report

We can export the complete campaign delivery report date to date.

smsportal country-code

Auto Country Code Prefix

There is no need to put country code in the number list as it is already embeded in code.

unicode sms in smsportal

Unicode SMS

We can send SMS in Multi-Languages.

reseller account in smsporatl

Reseller Account

Our reseller admin panel will let you allow to make new clients and gives you complete access of your client accounts.

phonebook in smsportal

Phone Book

You can add and create unlimited Contact and Groups.

sms api in smsportal


An Application Programming Interface (API) allows users to SMS-enable any application, website or system.