Branded SMS Marketing

Branded SMS Marketing receives immediate response from consumers to avail the opportunities being provided by the marketers. Branded SMS is more beneficial than other marketing strategies as it saves your time, cost effective, fast, gives instant results, highly personalized, and has more customer reach than any other medium. Due to these aspects this facility is best for Hoteliers, Café’s, NGOs, Hospitals, Schools, Universities, Government Organizations, Real Estate Agencies, Salons, and Banks etc.

Promotional Messages

Promotional SMS are sent with the objective of promoting your Brand, Product or Service. These messages can be sent as Bulk SMS, depending on the brand's need. This can be used for ongoing sales, discounts, and promotional events.

Transactional SMS

Using API Integration this form of SMS can be beneficial to all organization working with Transactional Services, including Schools and Restaurants with their in-house software to automatically send reminders.